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Chris, 17, works as a janitor here. He knocks hard on the doors: Chidi signals the five waiting girls to move in, each with their client in tow. They will spend their five minutes either on a thick blanket on the floor or on an uncomfortable wooden bed. Of this, two Cedis go to the landlord; the rest is shared between the girl and her pimp. You have to have sex with six or more clients every night to earn enough to survive. At dusk, these pimps carry the girls on their motorbikes to the railway tracks and at dawn take them back to their rooms in different slums across Accra.

Susan 23 from Ghana chatting on skype and showing.

During business hours they stand with their Sex chat ghana girls fixed on their particular girls. They fight, beat and often rob clients who try to cheat. Close by, middle-aged women with dishes and buckets sell fried yam and roasted plantain. One of them, Auntie Yaa, also sells condoms and tissue paper to the girls who patronize her brothel. She covers up her brothel business by sitting behind the women who sell roasted plantain — far removed from her medium-sized blue kiosk which serves as a brothel. Girls often approach her, pay money before moving into her kiosk with male partners in tow. Savvy traders are everywhere: This part of Accra has always been a rough settlement for migrants from all over West Africa, mostly cobblers, street hawkers and artisans.

But nowadays their shacks, hammered from plywood and tin, have all become brothels. The young girls, many of them minors — aged between 11 and 17 — work in the more than 50 such establishments here. Every week, new girls join. There are also those who disappear. Nobody knows where to. During the day, he lives as a family man in town with his Ghanaian wife. At night he is here, coordinating his three main employees: Chidi, Chris and bar sales girl, Ama. Romanus started selling liquor there. Later he created three rooms within, two of which he shared with his wife and two brothers. The shift to the brothel business started a year later, inwhen a brothel called Soja Bar in the centre of Ghana was closed and demolished by the authorities.

That action was a belated response to a newspaper report that underage girls were working there, or rather, to the international outcry that had followed it.

At the time the report was published inthe minors had been taken into the care of the Department of Sex chat ghana girls Welfare, but they were put back on the street two days later and returned to the brothel to continue work for the next two years until Bisexual escorts in saint-paul-du-nord place was closed. After the demolition, the girls started referring their clients to the railway tracks, making arrangements with bartenders operating there to convert back rooms into brothels. Because of the lucrative rental fees paid by the sex workers, even residents started giving out their rooms. Hammering plywood inside his kiosk, and moving his fridge outside, Romanus created its Sex chat ghana girls 10 mini-rooms.

In one year, he made enough money to add three refrigerators to his smokescreen bar and to hire staff. And just in case one day police will come to close and demolish the premises on this side, he has already built a new big brothel in another part of town as well. God helped Chidi Five years ago, Chidi escaped from a military training camp at his home state of Imo in Nigeria. But Chidi found the drill of the camp unbearable and decided to run, vowing not to see his father for the rest of his life. After three years as a roaming trader between Nigeria and Ghana, and staying in the brothel slum when he was in Ghana, he met Romanus, who asked him to become the janitor in his first brothel.

Chidi now dreams sometimes of impressing his father. A tattoo of a crucifix stretches from his left ear to his back. Inside the brothel, on the door to the room where he often sleeps, there is a big poster of Jesus Christ, with a halo and his right hand pointing to a bleeding heart. He is planning to build new brothels in other parts of Accra. A promise of marriage Maafia is the youngest of seven children of a fishmonger mother and a carpenter father. When she was one year old, her parents divorced and she, her mother and siblings moved to Accra. They were very poor. Maafia recalls living off the generosity of neighbours.

She was 14 years old when she left home on a Friday in late How can a man respect you if he wants to marry you and finds that you depend on your mother for everything?

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