Looking For A Lunch Buddy In Hapur

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The app makes these connections by mining relevant information such as geographical Lookjng, interests and mutual connections from users' Facebook profile and contact list and running it through a proprietary algorithm. Over time, the algorithm learns from user behaviours so suggestions become more relevant the more you use the app. The response time to a user's activity request? Typically within 30 minutes, says Ms Jen.

Forget Tinder, use an app to find a lunch kaki instead

This immediacy of connection is also a huge selling point of local social networking app Lunch Kaki, designed to help people connect and socialise over lunch. Founded by Mr Melvin Tan, 35, the app launched in November and currently has more than 20, registered users who are mainly working in professional fields such as finance and engineering. For the ex-stockbroker, the idea came about during a period when he was unemployed for seven Looking for a lunch buddy in hapur. For Ms Hazel Kweh, 31, who started using Lunch Kaki at the end of last year, the efficiency and ease of using the app is a big draw.

In fact, many of these people have become friends. Ms Huang Xuemin, 29, used women's-only app Hey! Vina while on her maiden solo trip to Sydney last year and connected with a fellow music lover over brunch. She says of the experience: Because it's only for women, I found it really safe. In the end, I made a good friend whom I am still in touch with today. Wander, which launched this week, allows users to set up group chats and discuss anything from their favourite brunch spots to PokemonGo. Local app Motivatormob, which is looking to launch by January, focuses on the social aspect of fitness.

Its users can find and join workout groups across the island based on filters such as geographical area, time and type of activity. Both free activities and paid activities will be available on the free app. Its co-founder Tom Bennett, 40, a Singapore permanent resident, says: So even though our app is focused on fitness, it is also very much about strangers translating online connections to real relationships in the offline world. So last month, she started building Wander to connect strangers with common ground. The app - which launched this week - operates like a group messenger for strangers, allowing people to start discussions and build communities with others who have shared interests.

It is for the fostering of platonic friendships. Ms Choo, 28, says: We crossed Dadri and reached Sikandarabad then Buland-shahar and somehow we sensed that we are not on right track and thought to confirm someone about the place. Finally, we had crossed extra 50 Kms from our supposed way to Jim Corbett. Now another adventure comes when we found our car on the right track but in wrong lane and here comes our driver Mr. Anyhow we managed to drive till 5: Hope they enjoyed their role on those bumpy roads. Somehow, the driver forcefully took his share of sleep and joined his actual role as driver at 6: Finally, we reached Rampur at 8: Thanks to the MAP which Diwaker had with him.

Surprise on Arrival The best news one can get on arrival is that the Jungle had been closed on 15th June for night stay and will open again on 15th November Note: No issues as we took the ticket for evening safari and decided to go Nainital next day sunday before heading towards Delhi.

Well, the Jim Corbett Safari 3. Getting into Lookinng Jim Corbett The feel of the environment was beautiful and so natural that you just fall in hapuur with nature. Jim Corbett is actually famous for Tigers as it has around tigers till date. During our short 3 hours visit we did not find even a single sign of tiger, but we caught the glimpse of lots of deer especially samba, i think there were 3 types of deer in Corbettbirds, elephants etc. If possible I would like to visit this Jim Corbett once in a year to refresh myself in the lap of true nature.

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