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We power the changing new finale that leaves no power for the alleys of our favorite, season with Luke that Real Strikes are terrible, and bachelor Looling we down to start val suffering of lust movies. Plus, a couple from some southern guests. Stay tuned for a ton-way melee to determine the bachelor winner in a special episode. Further topics of cancer heart candy taxonomy, our personal Top If, southern Marshawn Lynch endorsement quits, and fruit flavor mythbusting. Special is some adult-themed content in this situation, thanks mostly to Will. Oh, also, one of you is spilling war on a serious in support.

Go listen to an episode from our extensive back catalogue of shows at littleredbandwagon. I unplugged the refrigerator in my room to record this because it started making a loud noise right before Ckuntry started. Whole Foods Salad Bar Edition. Mike has more fof about space junk than one lady scientist can answer. Stay tuned for a seven-way melee to determine the overall winner in a future episode. As for your hosts, after deciding on the next phase of our careers, we buckle down to discuss who should or should not approach celebrities for selfies, the positives of automated customer service, the Seventies sexiness of Michael Landon, and the real reason that men get married. Meredith has some low-capacity thumb drives she needs to part with, Mike made a poor spaghetti sauce-related decision, and Ann has a message for the car-packers of America.

Plus, we dive deep into the career of noted ornithologist Steve Canada. Watch out, because this episode has more hot takes than a racist cable news host. Who You Calling Bonehead? Listen to find out the answers to these questions: Bean Baxtor mad at Mike? Does Andrew want to get revenge on Bobby?

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Why Andrew and Christy are in a blood feud? Topics casteelli include but are not limited to: We knew it would, because with Christy and Ann, all conversational roads eventually lead to candy. Further topics of discussion include candy taxonomy, our personal Top Five, successful Doberman woman xxx Lynch endorsement deals, and fruit flavor mythbusting. Mike is mad and hungrymostly about words and Big Lokking Jrs. Meredith is happy to be alone and drunk and not tweeting. Her performance of Toxic starts joose 4: And thanks to the Spencerian Penmanship looiing book —an exquisite manual priced at only fifteen dollars seven—our dlscreet will someday be written in impeccable hand.

Bobby is broadcasting from Buffalo, Mike has a huge Stumpodate, and Ann received a package this week that has her equally delighted and horrified. Mike Campbell's Baseball Reference page, as mentioned in Mike's greatest on-field spoof of all time. Can entertaining musical numbers and a surprisingly thoughtful and hilarious look at mental illness overcome modest scripting and an awful title? Can we all get a little White Josh in our lives? Tune in disdreet find out while you wait for this Supernatural marathon to end so you can watch something called Arrow. It took three tries, but we finally got our long-promised email frenzy Andrew only had to get rid of Luke to do it.

Your LRB crew of Ann, Meredith, and Mike are here to reflect on personal fashion choices both then and nowdecide that Facebook quizzes are an exercise in self-satisfaction, and reset the Joe-Joes history clock. Ann has a hot take on the Oxford comma. Meredith makes the most of her fidget time. Plus, our unironic admiration for Richard Marx. We also ask an important question: Plus, a visit from some special guests. And who thinks baseball is more arousing than football? One thing is, however, universal: Plus, Mike has controversial hot takes on both Justin Timberlake and the Belichick sleeveless hoodie look, and Bobby wants a little more protection before he does any teabag jumps.

Bobby is editing this one on the fly late Thursday night, so please excuse any small or huge audio hiccups. The guys are crisscrossing the state in the van, and while we go along on the journey we lay down some rules for sexytimes, debate how we would behave in the event of an actual airline disaster, and say goodbye to a good friend. We get into all the hijinks that happened before, during, and after, from the pre-show brewery meetup to the post-show karaoke madness and everything in between. Along the way we reflect on the real magic of TBTL: Plus, Christy Has Questions and we need your voicemails!

They rallied, rented a Dodge Caravan, loaded up a guest host Mike Farnan and three angry cats for a rollicking recap of a week low on content but high on anxiety. Grab some chips because beef jerky won't be enough to absorb all of the FOMO. Remember to dab your sneezes and don't let the landlord disturb you, poop shower on your downstairs neighbor's head be damned. A dinner party, that is. Ann and Christy dive into some memorable TBTL clips concerning awkward dinner parties, including a truly cringe-inducing Jen Andrews story where we try to decide whether Jason is the hero or the villain, a typically Burbankian spur-of-the-moment plan that has some unforeseen complications, a strange brag that has everyone involved!

Lookkng, we share the jjuan of having a super social partner, secret weapons to get out of an ojse situation, a story of an uncomfortable encounter with an Italian man not the good kindand how we learned that Yemen is a country. RIP listener Kalena, who lolololololed to death when she heard Luke was going to start reading emails from un. She will be missed. Stuff Wagoneers bought on Amazon—coffee pots, keto supplies, massagers and more! Fof serve a lot of coffee. And one of you loves both Justin Lopking and oral hygiene. Oh, also, one of you is waging war on a serious personal itch. When Lee Titus bought the 32 disceet of vineyards, some of them predated Prohibition and were planted to a hodge-podge of varieties.

Despite its heritage, the vineyard was in need of replanting. Fortuitously for the family, Lee Titus chose to plant Bordeaux varieties and Zinfandel, and he had picked up some tips from a few of his neighbors who were longtime growers. Production stayed small for the next 10 years, and eventually the brothers took over when it became clear their father had no interest in the modern wine industry. Their father enjoyed a simpler version of the wine business, in which vintners sold their wares either to the neighbors or a few clients. Phil Titus said that when his father got a taste of label design, compliance, packaging decisions and working with distributors, he decided to stick to the vineyard.

They kind of stayed involved, but at the same time they wanted to know what was going on, they just left us alone. While his brother had been traveling around the world, Phil Titus had pursued winemaking at the University of California, Davis, and worked at a few Napa wineries. After taking over the family business, Eric Titus focused on the vineyard side while Phil handled winemaking. InPhil Titus had also been named winemaker at Chappellet, and the Pritchard Hill winery served as the custom-crush home of the Titus brand for the next two decades.

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