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Her clients satisfaction is her priority. Education is a priority and is always on-going, she can't learn enough! She is always excited to have the opportunity to have a new or established client in her chair. Amber specializes in blonding techniques and vivid color. Amber specializes in a variety of cuts, colors, treatments, and makeup! It is unknown why there is no longer a conflict of interest in pursuing the case through Thomas' friend and legal colleague Wilenchik. Though the minutes of the supervisors' special session on July 11 do not mention New Times by name, it becomes readily apparent that the topic on the table was the Arpaio home-address case.

First, Chris Keller, chief counsel at the County Attorney's Office, expressed his appreciation to the four county supervisors for meeting on such short notice actually, the meeting took place over the telephone, and Mary Rose Wilcox was the only supervisor who wasn't on the line. Keller then said the County Attorney's Office would be unable to advise the sheriff on an unspecified criminal matter because of a conflict. He explained that, normally, his office would have asked a neighboring jurisdiction to handle the case, but "those entities have expressed concerns specifically with staffing issues.

If Dennis Wilenchik pursues the New Times case, he hardly will be able to demonstrate impartiality, either. Wilenchik was the subject of two scathing columns in this publication by John Dougherty about the attorney's lucrative professional relationship with Thomas "Doubting Thomas," June 8,and "Bully Pulpit," June 29, Beyond that, in a July e-mail to fired TV reporter Rob Koebel, Wilenchik referred derogatorily to reporter Dougherty, who resigned from New Times last year but has done freelance work for the paper: Dan Saban could have been content to tackle his new job as Buckeye's police chief and, in his spare time, lay the groundwork for a second run against Joe Arpaio in But Saban couldn't abide letting Arpaio get away with the dirty trick the sheriff's office had pulled on him.

The latter two later were dismissed from the suit.

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The lawsuit originally was kitchen-sink, alleging invasion of privacy, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, Loved your belt in phoenix of process, and defamation. But by the time the jury considered Saban's claims, Judge Houser had eviscerated the case until the only remaining issue was this: Did Hendershott make a false and defamatory statement about [Saban] to reporter Koebel? Legally, a defamatory statement "tends to bring a person into disrepute, contempt, or ridicule or to impeach the person's honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation. The filing of the lawsuit allowed Dennis Wilenchik to delve into every aspect of Dan Saban's mercurial personal life, including his awful experience in the early s with his adoptive mother, Ruby Norman.

As the case neared trial, an out-of-court settlement wasn't on the horizon. Naturally, Saban was angry at everyone responsible for the story that aired on Channel 15 on the evening of April 30, In the story, Ruby Norman accused Saban of raping her more than 30 years earlier, when he was in his teens. She first had gone to the East Valley Tribune to tell her tale, but a reporter there passed on it. In early AprilNorman had e-mailed the sheriff's office with her name and phone number, claiming that her adoptive son, then Arpaio's opponent in the GOP primary, had done some "not so honorable" things in the past.

As vague as that was, a sheriff's lieutenant left a printed copy of the e-mail with Hendershott, the county agency's day-to-day boss. Hendershott soon spoke by phone with Norman for a few minutes and, according to his trial testimony, she sounded "credible. Almost immediately after speaking with Norman, Hendershott had his public-information department contact Channel 15's Rob Koebel. Now living in Florida and out of the news business, Koebel was considered the coziest of all local reporters with the publicity-driven sheriff.

In a broadcast media market hardly known for in-depth reporting, such an unofficial designation takes some doing. Koebel lost his job a few months after his big scoop hit in late Aprilwhen the embittered Saban camp informed Channel 15 that the reporter had donated money to Arpaio's re-election efforts that February. Of course, reporters are not supposed to show such bias toward the people they cover. But putting aside Koebel's campaign contribution, his stories about "America's toughest sheriff" and his minions were more propaganda than journalism. Sheriff's officials had even considered hiring Koebel as a public-information officer after Channel 15 fired him, trial testimony revealed.

Koebel had been the obvious choice to Dave Hendershott for leaking the news about the budding Saban rape allegation. In hindsight, however, it is curious that that the chief did not keep an arm's length from the reporter and from Ruby Norman. Hendershott doesn't like to interfere with media relations at all because he hates reporters," Lisa Allen, Arpaio's director of communications, testified during the Saban trial. Saban's lawyer, Robbins, asked Allen if it would surprise her to learn the chief had spoken to Koebel for a total of about 45 minutes on 10 different occasions during the week or so before Channel 15 aired the Saban rape story.

Hendershott played his tape-recorded discussion with Ruby Norman over the phone for Koebel even before sheriff's investigators had interviewed the woman.

The chief told Koebel to file a public-records request so that hour sheriff's office could immediately release an "incident report" on a Lovsd that hadn't even officially started. The detectives then returned to the sheriff's headquarters in downtown Phoenix to write their report, which was transcribed by a secretary on the spot. The four-page document listed Dan Saban as a "suspect" in the Phoeniix of his adoptive mother more than three decades earlier. Saban or the cow in the dell, we're gonna take an initial report. I can see where a lot of law enforcement agencies would do some follow-up.

When you leak a report Loved your belt in phoenix contact friendly media to actually involve them in the ongoing investigation to this extent, it puts things in a whole different light. That was a significant breach of acceptable conduct, under any theory. Under oath, Hendershott denied it all, claiming he didn't know how Koebel physically got the sheriff's report. No matter, the speed with which the sheriff's office turned over the Saban report probably set a record for dissemination of a public record by the agency. In a strategy many journalists in attendance at the trial found laughable, Dennis Wilenchik told jurors that the sheriff's office is a beacon of upholding Arizona's public-records law.

That is why, the attorney said, Rob Koebel had gotten the incident report so promptly. Wilenchik did not mention that it took the sheriff's office days to release the same report to New Times or that an investigator for Saban never did get the document after filing his own public-records request. Another irony is that the sheriff's office's ongoing attempt to have New Times prosecuted criminally sprung from a reporter's request for Arpaio's real estate records, the release of which are mandated by the state public-records law. Those records are still being withheld by Arpaio's office.

Many people at Saban's trial wondered if Ruby Norman would be called as a witness.

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