All Shook Up Book Summary Glenn Altschuler

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This is a fine overview suummary the history of 50s rock placed into a social and cultural history context. Altschuler does bool good job discussing the kind of racial and sexual fears that rock and roll caused and how artists had to reign themselves in in order to be recorded and played on the radio. In general though, while Altschuler clearly doesn't want to write a dry book he doesn't make a history of rock in the 50s as exciting as it seems that it should be.

Perhaps this is something that academics have to deal with when writing about music. Music is something that seems far away from our lives as academics, when we write about it as academics it's hard to not fall into that writing paradigm. On the other hand, we don't want to write fan biographies or to write a book without real analysis. What would All shook up book summary glenn altschuler the point of that? The first being that the music encouraged teenagers to defy their parents; the second being that teenagers were the same the decade before, just without the music and that it was just a phase to go through on the way to adulthood.

Altschuler discusses how this angered members of the American Federation of Musicians because they were not allowed to appear on radio or television or allow disc jockeys to use tapes or transcriptions of them without compensation. Even some of the major record companies had their market shares start to drop because everyone was going to the smaller, more independent companies. This argument caused a lack of confidence in these records and slowly, they started to falter. Many radio stations switched to other styles of music, including pop, polka, calypso, folk music, ballads, novelty songs, and mellower melody music. It sold tons of copies and became very popular in England.

All shook up book summary glenn altschuler

This book was extremely readable and understandable with a lot of examples of musicians that were big names at the time. In other words, Professor Altschuler is more interested in the effects of rock and roll on American culture All shook up book summary glenn altschuler in rock and roll itself. What Altschuler focuses on are the institutions and personalities in that second group I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago — those various elders. Much of All Shook Up focuses on the machinations of those elders to derail the burgeoning rock and roll movement. The payola scandal involved record companies, radio stations, and the biggest non-musician stars of the era, disc jockeys.

A Philadelphia disc jockey who was able to transition his radio gig into a long and successful career as a television star and music impresario is the other. The responses of these two influential and iconic figures in the history of popular music to the scandal which became so politically poisonous it prompted a Congressional investigation tells the reader a lot about who the men were. How the passionate and fiery, ultimately admirable Freed was destroyed, financially and personally, by the payola scandal and how Clark, the sly, self-promoting manipulator who forever played the bland diplomat, survived and thrived well enough to become one of the most powerful men in pop music for decades is an object lesson about how music is a business, first, last and always.

Freed partly doomed himself by his adamant stance defending both rock and roll performers and their audiences, the teenagers mentioned above.

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