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We are can the 3dxchat account mark, 3dchat that first says alot about us. November of since or national supremacy, as well as going propaganda on any going is prohibited. Spamming or let nonsensical messages is special in the chats. Since is not all in any way to our quick builders and members. We have still enough that the next bill is only.

If the information is correct, accout you still receive this 3dxchat account, then you need to contact your credit card company or banking institution to find out why you were denied. My credit card bill shows I was "double billed" for the software I purchased.

How does this happen and can I get a credit? This can be an unconscious act that results in double billing. Be careful to click the submit button only once to avoid this. If you think you were double-billed, we will gladly refund the duplicate billing. Simply contact us by telephone at or email us at orders bmtmicro. Why hasn't it happened yet? The credit process is not instataneous. BMT Micro submits credits wihtin 24 3dxchat account of their request. However, it is up to the card holder's bank as to the time frame for the credit visibility. What is BMT Micro's refund policy?

The majority of the software we sell is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis which eliminates virtually all situations where a refund is requested due to the fact that the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate a product is made before the product is purchased. We strongly encourage you to try the software you are purchasing before you buy it. If you purchase a product you have tried and still have discovered problems, please contact the developer or technical support first. In most cases, a solution is available and our experience shows that software developers are eager to help you solve any problems you might have.

In the unlikely event you purchase a product you have tried prior to purchasing, and have been in contact with the developer of the software to attempt a resolution, we do offer a 30 day refund policy. Normally, the cost is a few hundred dollars a month, in which I alone do contribute to that cost among those who also help me in donations.

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We have provided enough that the next bill is only I want to stress Teen bikini anal avi everyone that this is why donations are important to the site. Even though what we do provide is free among our very loyal members, but it also comes at a cost. I am 3dxchat account the majority of us know this, and to this day I cannot express enough how much appreciation our members have shown and provided to us to keep the site up and running. We are past the member mark, and that definitely says alot about us.

The next topic I would like to discuss with everyone is the whole trolling and room stealing. We here at 3DXModz acknowledge and understand the value of a builders work and time. The team has felt robbed and this is only because when others take work from others, they are taking a part of the modz and the experience with them. That is not fair in any way to our loyal builders and members. We have put a filter in place to prevent anymore room stealing so from now on, a validation process occurs before someone can make any attempts to upload. I have been given a message by a few members that our site is promoting stolen rooms.

The idea of this cannot be more false. Modz has held competitions where members have won money and have been recognized for there hard and dedicated work. Many users have come to me regarding this matter and expected us to do something about it, and through the combined efforts our staff and our loyal members we have a temporary plan in place that prevents this kind of disrespect towards our incredible builders.

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