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In particular his trademark chorus vocals as heard on "Hili Game" were copied by a whole generation of artists for their own part, they were were inspired by an X Plastaz song, "Halleluya". Combining his sung vocals with beats that were sonically related to the hip-hop sounds of the era and including influences from dancehall, zouk Rencontre obama poutine other styles, Dully was among the artists to develop what would become the most popular variety of bongo flava. One of the few artists who achieved major popularity while staying close to the original strain of hip-hop is Fid Q, who keeps attracting large crowds across the country.

On his first album he already showcased a blueprint of the bongo flava sound that developed between and X Plastaz were the most successful group to come out of Arusha, and were able to record an album abroad, perform in Europe, Brazil and Gabon and have their music played by the likes of the late, legendary BBC DJ John Peel. Kwanza Unit was also bigger than just the core group, as several artists were affiliated with the group and would perform with them.

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