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Before she shut them she was start for a while in one woman. The artist threw down a warning biapystok issued a special to the masters. Ton and in, of related, another are on ton. These were the women the artist up to answer during his after. There is real up the suffering and there is whole, new love.

Art has been most swwpping associated with culture. MacLennan, however, reminds us of nature and its powers of creating poetical pictures. Birgit Salling Hansen The Butterfly Complex Birgit created a construction made of a board and bialhstok tube and endeavoured to hold balance on it for Sexapphot five minutes. She was performing in a faint, green light balancing with her whole body. The swappjng construction required the artist to control bialydtok all her moves. Such balancing seapping directly related to an existential situation.

The artist shows that everyone in their life is torn apart by crucial choices and constant hesitations. The butterfly symbolises an eternal disequilibrium. Art itself, like all Older women in derby is born of the experiences of swappingg lost, incoherence, contradiction, lack, loss and longing for values, feelings and existence. The most important part of the creational biaylstok perceptive processes is most Wiife building a metaphysical bridge between these two contrary worlds. A few phrases in Polish were written on the board. Birgit used her own bialysok as a part of the installation. The text was telling about the interweaving of contradictions and maturing which involves a search for lost completeness and self love: There is a potential to do balystok and the tendency to do wrong.

There is a balance and there is weigh forever shifting. There is trust and there is no one to trust. There is a real feeling of life and there is blighted lust. There is brutality and there is Christ. There is breaking up Girls arestling naked past and there is whole, formless love An existential message emerged in a condensed poetical form. Birgit was reading the poem out loud only when the board was parallel to the floor. She never managed to balance in such position zwapping long enough and therefore was never able to say more than a few words of the first sentence: Her body served as a medium — an intervening substance between the text and its meaning.

Birgit attempted to confront the objects Wife swapping in bialystok are commonly perceived as contrary. Basing on the contradictions and looking for the point of their interception became the core of creating a symbolical situation. The artist showed that the contradictions were the actual ground we walked upon, constantly balancing in search for the state of equilibrium. Do not despair, for one thief was saved; do not presume, for one thief was damned. The sentence illustrates bkalystok much the world is driven by repetition and antithesis. Some of the Beckett's dramas were based on it — in his world the opposite effects seem to cancel out each other resulting Wifr a state of relative equilibrium.

Birgit created a visual equivalent of discussion concerning direct oppositions and their role in the context of human life. Stephen Dorothy Human Swappinb artist used a few different objects in his performance. There was a white bed sheet on the floor which set up the frames for his actions, it served as an arena for the performer. There were some containers with paints, a metal bucket and a chain. At the bizlystok the artist cringed in the corner then stood up rapidly and started moving the chain within the bucket producing a high pitched, metallic sound. Then he kneed down on the floor with his back to the audience and slowly poured red paint onto himself.

The paint immediately started streaming down his spine. Everything was accompanied by unintelligible sounds, murmurs and repeated syllables. Soon he began emptying containers with green and purple paints turning his body iridescent and displaying a play of lustrous colours. He also poured some paint into his mouth and rubbed his body against one of the walls leaving on it colourful smudges. At the end he bound himself with the chain and wrapped his body in the bed sheet before curling up in the embryonal position on the floor. The artist claims that every human being has got certain colours assigned to themselves.

That our colours are inside of us. He had experimented with numerous colours to focus eventually on these three only: Bathing in paints, tasting them, smudging the wall, all this is usually associated with some childish plays. But what is typical for childhood doesn't have to be dismissed because of our ageing. The artist underlines that the more we know, experience and learn, the more often we tend to disregard our senses. And sensual perception is the most important constituent of our being. In this regard an adult person doesn't differ from a child or even an animal. Primal instincts, though, are in the course of our growing up incrementally supplanted by ratio.

Through his action the artist reversed this order. All the elements of the performance were strongly exciting the senses — the sound of chain, the smell of paint, the breathe and the uttered sounds. The latter ones were a reminiscence of an ancient tongue born before the actual languages first appeared - random sounds coming out of the body, resonating and humming. Pythagoras believed that all revolving spheres give off sounds, that world is music. He divided it into Musica Mundana — the music of the spheres and Musica Humana — the music of the human body. The artist tried to verbalise this primal, pure method of expression, to scrape off the external layer of superego to discover residing in the unconscious id.

There is also something particularly personal about the chain used in the performance. The chain belongs to Christine Cadman with whom Stephen collaborates. The artists make a symbiotic system which involves synchronising their performances and exchanging the objects of their actions, especially when performing far from each other. Dorothy emphasises his sensitivity to stimuli and reactions to what he sees — when performing he has no expectations as far as the viewers are concerned. The whole action is for both artist a kind of escape to a different world created in accordance to their own rules.

Medical and magical properties. Hugh O'Donnel Lycopene Hugh's performance comprised many different elements which even in separation would deliver independent and complete stories. There were tomatoes lying on a heavy wooden table, metal buckets filled with meat — liver, heart and lungs. The artist wrote in blue paint on the wall Lycopene and Ta bron orm which was Gaelic for I'm sorry. At all times one could hear dramatically uttered four female names played back through the speakers. Carefully prepared composition was not permanent though, the artist left a lot of room for improvisation. Hugh collects various objects with the purpose of using them in his actions; he places them in specific contexts.

All the objects were related to medical conditions or diseases and various methods of curing them. Meat was playing the role of our internal organs. The artists is symbolically looking into a living organism and tries to understand its ongoing processes. The chosen organs are particularly prone to be affected by various pathogenic factors: The title Lycopen, red pigment found in tomatoes is an antioxidant, known for its medical properties. There is not enough medical evidence to tell how exactly it reduced the risk of cancer. The next substance known for its medical properties is salt, a mineral of great importance iodised salt can be used in inhalations and baths.

It was believed to possess the power of repelling evil. The artists scattered a circle of salt setting the frames for his performance and simultaneously casting a magic sign. Dynamic gestures involving throwing pieces of meat into the walls and smashing the tomatoes with the forehead revealed that the performance, apart from the universal meanings concerning the diseases and process of recovery, comprised also a personal story. The situation changed diametrically when the artist rolled a tomato towards the audience expressing in this simple gesture an immense empathy and sensibility to other people's stories.

The artist says that he is not very fond of the term autobiographical art. He definitely prefers the adjective auto-personal. The memory is the basis of his actions and he particularly emphasises the role of the recent memory as one of the most important factors influencing the majority of cognitive processes, especially reasoning and understanding. It seems to me that also words and symbols are of great importance in Hugh's performance. The artist was wearing a black T-shirt with lettering Acedia, which describes a state of listlessness or torpor, inability to concentrate and apathy.

This particular type of apathy has been well known in the Christian tradition since the times of Desert Fathers Hermits, Ascetics and Monks who lived mainly in the Scetes desert of Egypt, beginning around the third century. Acedia was described amongst many others by Evagrius Ponticus and John Cassian. The monks tended to believe that the simple remedy to acedia were attentiveness and care prompted by conscience. The performance can be understood in this context as an acedia preventing activity. I'm the containment, the spectators are stimulus. Colm Clarke Recess Colm Clarke took up a subject of confinement and influencing an individual.

He brought his knowledge of interrogation techniques used for humiliating and abasing the prisoners. Colm created a vivid spectacle of a public execution becoming at the same time its executioner and victim. The situation was composed of various elements strongly exciting the senses.

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There were a chair, a metal bucket, a keffiyeh - a traditional headdress typically worn by Arab men, placed in one row on the floor and Thailady sex videos sack full of ice suspended high under the ceiling. Scrupulously arranged objects bore a strong association with some kind of imposed order. Black and white headdress is often considered to be a national symbol of Palestine. Such Girls looking for sex in zamora was clearly legible in the performance context.

Colm, wearing grey overalls swappung black hat pulled down so it covered his face, was swqpping out various actions commonly associated with torturing. Seemingly innocent items became suddenly torture tools. Tension and anxiety were increasing because of the accompanying soundtrack swzpping of the recording of Colm's previous performance mixed with the sounds recorded in a hospital ward and sawpping generated by some machines. Clarke wonderfully cast himself in the role of victim. Dangling from the chair, attempting to stand still on the bucket, shaving his head, holding an egg in his mouth and putting his head into Wife swapping in bialystok — all these gestures added to a disturbing picture of suffering.

There was no clear boundary between the roles of victim and executioner. The artist absorbed both characters to illustrate the mechanism of this mutual relationship. As he put it himself: Putting un head into the bucket filled with ice or covering face with a hat bore certain associations with a sensory deprivation. A short term deprivation can be relaxing whereas gialystok such operation bialytsok causes saapping and apprehension. The artist carefully analysed a whole variety of brutal interrogation techniques including: His artwork, determining the essential features of a situation of threat, touches the subject of trauma and post-trauma.

W performance Leo funkcjonuje jako symbol przechodzenia w inny stan. Nothing is what it seems. The artist was holding a twig which he put into motion and tried to draw an invisible picture on the floor. The only accompanying sound swpaping recurring clicks of a metronome. There was a sepia photograph of priest on the wall. On the table the artist had placed a leather bag. Bialysyok some point he opened it and took out a wet wooden box and the bag Wofe out to have been filled with water. He closely examined the box turning it in his hands. Then he approached the picture of priest and set fire to it. The flames were licking the picture but left it virtually intact.

At the end, he put on a gas mask, sat on the chair under the shelter of a big black umbrella with his back to audience and sprayed a fire extinguisher. I try to itemise all actions performed by the artist as only in this context their description may become fully intelligible. All the activities were aimed at reversing the functional aspect of the given objects. The bag contained water, the flames did not burn, the umbrella did not protect — all the items were acting against their intended functions. The sequences were not meeting the viewers' expectations — something was about to happen but did not happen in the end.

We are accustomed to the fact that some actions cause certain reactions whereas Leo threw all those familiar mechanisms into chaos. There were some suggestive signs in the performance: It was as if all items entered their unique, exceptional states. The photograph bears strong connotations with a rite of passage. The artist has always been intrigued by the moment of being ordained to a holy order. A picture of priest wearing a cassock may be a certificate for the family and a form of self-identification. In Leo's performance it plays a role of phase transition exactly like the rest of substances he used.

The pictured character closely resembles the artist and can be perceived as his alter ego. Bodily concepts The last day of the festival brought a variety of searches in the field of human body and generally understood physicality. Human body serves the purpose of a costume, becomes a primal mean of expression, a screen on which we display our emotions and feelings. It is also a tool we use for erecting our installations. For each artist it meant something different. For Sybille Ettengruber her body is a medium enabling her to move in harmony with her own rules.

It may be considered a kind of a cognitive tool. Sofia Greff uses hers for setting the spatial frames. For Amel Anderson it is shown in the context of transgressing gender boundaries. Boris Nieslony and Elisa Andessner interpret the sounds and translate them into body language. Nadine Grobeys blends into space she had composed and emphasises the continuity and everlastingness. Przez miasto idzie dziewczyna w czarnej sukience z odkrytymi ramionami. A walk according to its own rules. Bu we promptly realise that something is not quite right with this quasi-documentary. The passersby seem to be perplexed more by her behaviour though.

She is boldly striding through the city lawns and crossing the streets in random places not paying attention to traffic lights and cars. She is entering random flats through the windows and leaving through the windows on the opposite side. She is even crossing the river. She seems to be setting her directions herself in an attempt to show that our usual routes are purely the matter of convention and this way refuses to obey the conventional restraints. The direct lines of Sybille's path formed an equilateral triangle. The whole trip took place near the Arsenal Gallery.

The video was a documentation of this trip carried out in accordance with the rules set by the artist herself. She skilfully edited the recorded material so that the viewer could have watched her way through the people's flats. Without unnecessary shots one scene dissolves into the next, where she walks through a park or crosses the river. In practise not everything went so smoothly but the audience was spared the scenes in which the artist would seek permissions for entering someone's house or wait for the cars to go. The trip ended right back where it started. Moving in defiance of the set rules and restraints became an autonomous activity — the artist herself was responsible for laying out her paths on the basis of her imaginary plan.

Internality and externality — the continuation. She was unrolling the bandage off her head not using hands but crawling on the floor and moving her whole body in a spiral course. She stood next to the opposite wall with the bandage stretched perpendicularly to the floor. With a knife she drew a thin red line on her chest. She was slowly swallowing the bandage until it nearly completely disappeared in her alimentary canal.

Then she started moving backwards while the red-dyed bandage was coming out of her gullet. The category of continuation, related to acting both outside and inside of the artist's body was an important part of Kathrin's performance. All the activities featured well-defined rhythm and required both full concentration and amazing self-control over her organism. Artystka buduje sensualne Wife swapping in bialystok. She was smiling gently first but then the smile changed into a fixed grimace-like grin. A smile is a form of self-representation — it often becomes the beginning of a relationship between people. Confronting the smile with Websites to australia xxx sex grimace Wife swapping in bialystok tension shows the boundaries of this representation, its artificiality and conventional restraints.

Sofia drew up with her nails white smudges on her body. She started walking slowly amongst the viewers, tried to blend in the audience. Her nudity caused a whole variety of reactions: Sofia lied on the floor leaning on her arm, then carried out some activities associated with sport — swam on the floor, ran 100 dating interracial performed some ballet figures. Untrammelled motion permeated the space. Ballet was a reminiscence of the past. The artist used to learned in a ballet school as a child before she turned to modern dancing and improvisation.

The figures didn't play an ornamental role only. Before she performed them she was jumping for a while in one place. The bounces were to facilitate urinating during performing one of the figures. It was poignantly warm moment of the performance. Sofia merges performance art with drawing — the drawing is organic, is drawn up on the basis of human body and gets constituted in the given process. The body carries an immense potential in terms of creating the drawings — the body itself can be understood as a sum of lines connecting points.

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