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Your diatribes are ssluts informative, respectful, or even interesting. I suggest you go find yourself a grern where you can feel more at home with your views and not get so upset over opinions that do not agree with yours. Your need to make mountains out of molehills and create tempests in teacups is much more suited to Finds local sluts for sex in molehill green kinds of forums. FYI, retarded is a perfectly legitimate english word that means slow to develop. Your insuinuation that I am applying it as a slur to put down developmentally challenged individuals is simply more of your unfounded anger.

The danger of political correctness is that we lose sight of reality as we couch everything in politcally correct phraseology. I enjoy discussing things with people who disagree with me. What I have trouble with is someone who will talk about not using slurs out of one side of her mouth and use slurs with the other. Saying anything otherwise is either incredibly naive or dishonest. You have every right to use whatever language you choose. We are in Mr. Brock March 14, at 6: Fluke was used by the radical left in an unofficial hearing. It was a media day basically to again further the radical agenda of OBama. Tell me again who is lacking honor and integrity?


She is not a victim, she is a cog in a larger plan. She sold herself out to this too. She expressed her opinion and shared her experiences with Democrats after being denied speaking to Republicans. She was then the subject of an inappropriate attack by an incredibly popular talk show host. Rachel Flr 14, at 8: I would expect that they would listen to both Finds local sluts for sex in molehill green before Eidel webcam videos to any informed conclusions. Sadly though, I suspect this was NOT the case. Hopefully somebody will prove my suspicions are incorrect. But should the president have called Ms.

Fluke to comfort her? That may have fo well-intentioned on his part, but not a good move in general. Otherwise, one could logically conclude that he should dor all women who have been maligned in public and comfort them as well…. Interesting that during locql entire campaign ofthe Palin girls were constantly in the press, while his precious darlings remained wrapped in the wings of the angelic liberal mass media. Is that because they were black? Again, two wrongs do not make a right, but again the boundaries of common decency were completely violated in the campaign and we heard not ONE WORD of public disgust or outrage about this.

This double standard is nauseating. Stein March 15, at 2: I do not know if she is Catholic or not. It is less than the general population, but it is still the majority. They allowed five of the Catholic Bishops to testify, but not her. Christopher Jones March 12, at 5: I have posted in another of your blogs how distasteful I thought Limbaugh was when he referred to the woman as a slut. He lowered himself to the level of those many you document…virtually all leftist rants. I have written to Rush, and while I do not expect a return, lambasted him for publically committing an act beneath the good taste of a commentator. I am not listening to him for now, and may not. I find that Sean Hannity has more class, and does not lower himself to that level of nastiness.

All that said, I found it very strange that a sitting president would call someone and ask how they are doing the press making a big deal out of itwhen he failed to call Sarah Palin after Bill Maher called her the vile names he did — incidentally far far more vile than anything Rush did. I guess you have to be a left wing nutjob to think that is funny. Can we say hypocrisy?

There is such a double standard out there, that it makes ones stomach turn. Oh, yes, double standard is what this is all about. Anonymous March 14, at 4: Its more than double standards now with this kind of president we have things are out of controll and people have forgotten their values and manners toward others I disagree with just about everything the left stands for but when I meet someone outside I listen to their view and nicely disagree and when I do disagree these people get all oh your a bigit, you hate blacksect. All the progress this country as made over the last 50 years as gone down the drain and if the whites vote for this guy again they are dishonering our country.

Nothing is free remember How to please your woman sexually for all the money and gimmacks Obama comes up with someone must pay for All our white presidents treated everyone equall and always took care of the poor as best the cou ntry could All you people need to wake up before our country is gone. Talk to someone that as come here from another country and ask them how it was and compare to what we have and they will tell you we are going in the wrong direction.

I believe we take care of the sick and weak and most of all our VETS. But every person should have a job and contribute to the country they live in and just because a person made a lot of money being wise and worked hard people should not be hate them for it and Iam poor but I have no anger for the rich and if they give to their Malayali nude woman great but they shoul not be told by some lazy but person to give their money to someone else. I could go on and on but I will not I only hope that the women of this great country will wake up and not vote for Obama. If you cant afford birth control maybe you should not be having sex and you can get free birth control at many communites or are you to lazy to even do that you want us to deliver it to you door also Pat Wal sinmantyx March 15, at 9: JKR March 12, at 7: But that is ok.

Not the left nor the right. Pamela Jarvis March 12, at 7: The GOP who Limbaugh represents is rightfully trying to distance itself from this……. Chuck I March 13, at 1: Royam March 13, at 2: As for Maher, I think he and his ardent supporters are too ignorant to tell the difference between smut and humor. I think back to Red Skelton whom I thought Finds local sluts for sex in molehill green one of the greatest true comics and I never recall him using foul language for humor. As for Rush, he reminds me of a vulture because he thrives on carrion.

They are leading our society to become negatively orientated and from this they proclaim they will build a better America. He was very funny, and was not smutty. You would think a responsible person, vis a vis the President of the U. It is a sad commentary that he would take the money. Political candidates and talk show hosts are public figures. Sandra Fluke is a private citizen. She was less well-armed for the attack, so she got the phone call. She had her 15 minutes of fame. She knew what she was getting in to. Shame that Rush pandered to the left by fueling the fire.

Could she see into the future and know they were going to deny her the privilege of testifying in the first place and this was going to make a scene, and she would have to testify later in a Democratic hearing? Could anyone look forward in time and know that Rush was going to call her a slut, a sex addict, a prostitute, etc and demand that she tape herself having sex and show it to him and all his listeners? Did anyone know that he was going to rant for three days for a good part of his show all about his fantasies about her sex life? I think the main reason she was called is that the Democrats sincerely felt bad that this happened to her.

She is a college student, although a mature college student at a Law School. She is not established in her professional life yet, and I can imagine this is very stressful for her. They were the frequent victims of nasty comments and false conclusions…. Apparently, Obama has no compassion for young girls…only young democrats from his Alma Mater, who agree with his agenda. But perhaps he had to jet off for a golf match somewhere while all this was going on. If you were told that nasty things were said, but that nobody responded or reprimanded then in any way — someone was lying to you.

I mean, Rush flat out said that liberals have never ever apologized for saying sexist statements. I think there is some truth to that, but there is a civil and an uncivil way of doing that. When dealing with young people, especially, I feel it is the responsibility of people who disagree to tread carefully. EBB March 13, at 2: At their worst, their routines turn into train wrecks that damage their careers. Humor can be dangerous and a biting joke can bite the comedian — just ask Don Imus. I think the big differences between Rush and Maher centers on the nature of their programs, on the size of their audience, on how the audience accesses their programs and on their revenue sources: From my observation, Rush portrays himself firstly as political commentator who is secondly an excellent comedian and entertainer, whereas Maher is firstly a comedian who secondly devotes time to political topics.

I think this difference of focus make Rush more vulnerable when routines go wrong. People take Rush more seriously. Maher is more of a jester. Limbaugh is well know enough that he appears on Polling Report and NBC has run three poll on his popularity, the last in Rush is on during the day and can be heard by anyone with a radio. Maher in on at night and can only be seen by those with HBO. Rush depends on advertisers to pay the bills. Maher relies on HBO subscribers. This make Rush more vulnerable to pressure against advertisers. Rush has a hugh audience of over 15, listeners per week.

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