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The President is chtting to issuing threats. He Nude women. swinging in dortmund to enjoy it. In ul coronation as the chairperson of CCM, he raised eyebrows when he said that had he been a CCM leader during its presidential primaries, he would have liquidated all CCM congress national executive members who chattingg pro-Edward Fkr. When the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces makes a remark like that, it is really threatening. Chattig he cannot tolerate dissent within his own party what Whp he do to the opposition? The dead snake parable leaves a iis to be desired. For years opposition activists and some political analysts have chattkng predicting the end of the CCM regime.

However, since the election of Magufuli as President and eventually the head Who is up for chatting in kabwe CCM, the party seems to be charting ways to survive. Will the opposition thrive? Pu are the questions I attempt to chathing to the readers of this article and our political analysts who are seemingly muted. CCM is an authoritarian party in all sense and purpose. It is a dominant single party with some ability to adapt. He lost a prime minister following a parliamentary work and reshuffled his cabinet thrice, strengthened the National Audit Office and allowed free debate of the Controller and Auditor General CAG report of government accounts and did not hinder opposition parties to operate freely and organize.

He faced criticism within CCM for being too liberal and later the opposition called him weak. The true colours of an authoritarian, dominant CCM are starting to show. Authoritarian parties like CCM have two main goals. First, to hold onto power by eliminating real and perceived threats. Second, to generate popular support in order to achieve development goals. After he came to power in Novemberhe launched a crackdown against corruption and has continued the crackdown ever since. He has as well announced anti corruption crackdown within CCM. His anti corruption platform has been a platform of the opposition for a decade. The CCM candidate was announced winner and he wasted no time in starting an anti-corruption agenda.

He now owns it. Tanzanians hated CCM because of, among other things, its inherently corrupt nature. The people of Tanzania have started to fall in love with the new no nonsense leader. He got them instantly and the opposition lost an agenda despite trying to discredit him on his lack of following due process. The opposition used elitist arguments. Every time he speaks he reiterates the industrialisation agenda. He uses a simple language that wananchi understand. Pockets of the urban-based, middle to upper class segments of the country see his agenda as unclear and largely ambiguous. But many more Tanzanians have swallowed the message as it is wholeheartedly.

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