Massage Plus More In Trincomalee

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Beyond the sparkling blue ocean

I am terrible with names of fish or identifying them, but the colours I saw — bright purples, oranges and blues — were spectacular. It was pretty cool to stay in but also stuffy, but I soon went out to have Massage plus more in trincomalee Ayurvedic massage, with Uppuveli having many to choose from. It was gorgeous and a change from the traditional Sri Lankan food, still with a local feel — especially when a cow came charging through the gates and pelted round the entire restaurant outside. We set out from Uppuveli beach at around 9am, 7 of us inside the boat, and arrived onto Pigeon Island at 9: He slap-chopped each part of my body after massaging, my thighs being surprisingly painful, and he used his elbows on my shoulder blades to get the knots out, finishing the massage with me sat on a chair and him pouring oil on my forehead to give me a very heavy-handed head massage.

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