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Confinement of injection sites to the desired cortical area was the first criterion used in case selection; this was confirmed using nissl staining to identify cytoarchitectonic and laminar features and locations, sec by examining patterns of retrograde labeling produced in the bfook ipsilateral to the injection sites and in the cerebral cortex contralateral to them. Antibody Specificity and Control Experiments All of the antibodies used were commercially available. Further selection criteria were that appropriately placed injection sites spanned both infragranular and supragranular cortical layers and produced similar minimum numbers of retrogradely labeled cells with visible nuclei per series of midbrain sections Fig.

In rats, for example, sex differences or hormone malleability has been demonstrated for prefrontal cortical DA axon density and in-growth and for DA levels and turnover Stewart and Rajabi, ; Kritzer, ; Dalla et al. After deep reflexes could no longer be elicited, the animals were transcardially-perfused with a phosphate buffered saline flush, pH 7.

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